Dear Gardening Friends,

Stokes Tropicals began with a simple idea: wonderful exotic tropical plants should be available and accessible to everyone. Our vision of providing the average gardener access to these magical plants, books, fertilizers and accurate information on their care and growth of these plants has been fulfilled. Stokes Tropicals has grown by broadening our customer base by targeted advertising and through the education of the general public about tropical plants and their values and uses. We are very proud that many of our new customers come to us by word of mouth.

We joined the World Wide Web on the Internet in January 1996, and have offered our plants and products throughout the entire world. We were the first tropical plant purveyor on the internet. We are now in our 6th generation website. This site continues to grow and improve. We attribute our market leadership in exotic tropical plants to superior service and dedication to the principle of delivering the very best possible product at the best prices.

Stokes Tropicals has experienced exponential growth in tropical plant and related product sales in a fiercely competitive industry environment. And Stokes Tropicals is very well positioned to play a defining role in the exotic tropical plant market in the future.

Since tropical plants are such a huge group of plants (by far the largest), it is necessary for us to choose only a few special groups to specialize in. These are bananas, gingers, heliconias, plumerias, and some smaller groups (bamboos, bromeliads, bougainvilleas, cannas, clivias, calatheas, euphorbias, hibiscus, palms, and others). We test grow all the plants we sell. So we know how to grow them. We know their soil, shade, water, PH and fertilizer requirements. And we know the cold hardiness of our plants. We have taken all the guesswork and anxiety out of starting or adding to your own tropical paradise. We don't want you to fail. We want to be your partner in success.

Please continue to write, phone, fax or e-mail us about our service, our quality, and what you would like us to carry. We listen to every one of your comments and suggestions. We want Stokes Tropicals to be a special partnership - a partnership between you and us that involves the world of tropical plants.

And we want to thank all those who have played a part in making Stokes Tropicals a reality and a success.

Enjoy our new web site and happy tropical gardening.

Glenn M. Stokes
Stokes Tropicals