Anthurium 'Gemini'
Anthurium 'Gemini'
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Out of Stock-Ships in 6 inch pot 12 inches in height.

Anthuriums are a very popular plant. Anthurium plants produce flowers that are heart-shapped with a central stamen, and have shiny waxy foliage. They grow outdoors in tropical climates but can also grow very well within indoor containers. Place your Anthurium in bright, indirect light for blooming and steady growth. Avoid direct afternoon sunlight, which can scorch the foliage. Keep temperatures between 78 and 85 degrees F. Anthurims should be allowed to dry out only slightly, before the next watering. Excessive drying may cause damage to the root tips. Anthurium like to be evenly moist, but do not allow to stand in water. Potting mix should be loose and porous.

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