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Arundina graminifolia 'Bamboo Orchid'
Arundina graminifolia 'Bamboo Orchid'
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Ships in 3 gallon pot 34-36 inches in height.

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Out of Stock

Ships in 3 gallon pot 34-36 inches in height.

Arundina graminifolia' Bamboo Orchid' - The bamboo orchid (Arundina graminifolia; is a species of orchid and the sole of the genus Arundina. This tropical Asiatic genus extends from India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South China to Indonesia and across the Pacific Islands. It has been introduced in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Panama.The bamboo orchid is a terrestrial multiperennial orchid with reedy stems, forming into large clumps growing to a height between 36 inches to 10 feet.

This orchid blooms in summer and autumn, showing rather open clusters of showy terminal flowers, ten at the most. They bloom in succession on the terminal racemes. These flowers are a rosy lilac and white disk with a purple lip. The bracts are wide triangular and surround the main stalk of the flower cluster. The occasional fertilized seed pods contain minute powdery seeds, and small plants often develop near the cane ends after flowering, and likely aid in propagation if allowed to reach the soil.
Name Arundina graminifolia 'Bamboo Orchid'
Common Names Bamboo Orchid , Bird Orchid
Grow Zone 9
Light Conditions Full Sun,Partial Sun/Shade
Water Requirements Average
PH Level 6.1-7.5
Minimum Height 3 feet
Maximum Height 6 feet
Growth Habit Moderate
Bloom Period Summer and Fall
Bloom Color Purple
Fragrant No
Best Grown In Containers, Bedding Plants
Scientific Name Arundina graminifolia
Class Liliopsida
Family Orchidaceae
Genus Arundina
Species graminifolia
Salt Tolerance Moderate
Grow Zone 9
Grow Zones
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by G lambert
on 4/30/2012
Arundina graminifolia review
One of the most spectacular with just a bit of care also easy orchids around.

There are many variations of this orchid independant of growing conditions both in flower colour and size and in size of canes depending on where in the world they come from. 

There are mini caned small white flowered ones, mini purple and white ones, intermediate white and white and purple ones, giant white ones and giant violet purple ones. In all the size differences the amount and intensity of purple can vary too in individual clumps , some just a flush, completely violet purple, snow white with just the lip violet or the entire flower snow white etc etc.

Sandy soil and annual pruning to the ground and new shoots to renew the entire clump of canes is advisable to prevent the clump from becoming a tangled mess of thin flowerless keikis, fallen canes.

To get even growth prune all the canes at the same time just after the new shoots appear at the base in late spring or the begining of the rainy season.

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