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Bambusa ventricosa 'Buddhas Belly' Bamboo
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Ships in 10 inch nursery pot. 1-2 feet in height.

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Ships in 10 inch nursery pot. 1-2 feet in height.

Bambusa ventricosa 'Buddhas Belly' - Probably the toughest of the tropical clumping bamboos, Buddha's Belly is known for it utility as well as its adaptability. From the Keys to Gainesville it tolerates the complete range of soil conditions, and has survived temperatures below 20F. From a unique potted bonsai featuring radical curves and bulges, to an impenetrable thicket of canes capable of withstanding the hardest storm, Buddha's Belly does it all. It is the general consensus that stress if required to maintain the belly mutation. The limiting space of a pot is known to limit the vertical growth. In the ground, a shady dry spot or a sunny well drained location with limited water have both resulted in superior bellies. In either case, the diligent removal of straight canes is required to keep the plant from reverting to its true form, a 40 foot wall of vegetation. Clumping Bamboo

Bamboo is technically a grass which grows more rapidly than any other plant on the planet. New bamboo shoots can grow as much as 3 feet in one day. Bamboo has been most widely used for shelter, food, paper, jewelry, and clothes in Asia. Bamboo can be divided into two main categories: clumpers and runners. Clumpers tend to send out new shoots within a couple of feet of the clump each year. Runners, however, send out new shoots much farther from the original clump. Bamboo culms can be ten times stronger than steel. Bamboo plants like a lot of water, but they also need a well-drained soil. Bamboo is a symbol of long life, strength and versatility for many cultures of the world.

Name Bambusa ventricosa 'Buddhas Belly' Bamboo
Common Names Buddhas Belly
Grow Zone 8
Light Conditions Full Sun
PH Level 5.0-8.0
Minimum Height 15 feet
Maximum Height 55 feet
Growth Habit Fast
Bloom Period Mid Spring
Bloom Color Inconspicuous
Fragrant No
Best Grown In Hedges, Tall screens
Scientific Name Bambusa ventricosa
Class Liliopsida
Family Poaceae
Genus Bambusa
Species tuldoides
Cultivar Buddahas Belly
Salt Tolerance Moderate
Grow Zone 8
Grow Zones
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