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Clerodendrum bungei 'Cashmere Bouquet'
Clerodendrum bungei 'Cashmere Bouquet'
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Out of Stock- Ships bare-rooted. 9-15 inches in height.

Clerodendrum bungei 'Cashmere Bouquet' -  An easy-to-grow deciduous shrub. Native to China. Spreads readily by suckering. Large, serrate, widely oval, tropical leaves that are reddish and fuzzy underneath. Leaves can grow to 1’ across. When leaves or stems are rubbed or bruised they produce a musky, scent. Large dence cymes to 8” of reddish purple tubular flowers that are sweetly scented. Flowering occurs continuously all summer into fall. Great plant for containers and defined areas with borders. Plants grow to 5’-7’. Cold hardy down to -20 degrees F. Can be used in zones 5 and higer. Butterflies can’t resist it. Special Plants are those that we think are unique and interesting. We offer them to the adventurous gardeners who would like to add more tropical interest and color to their garden or home. Stokes Tropicals has carefully chosen a wide range of exciting tropical plants that are easy-to-grow, that are not commonly available, that have some unusual horticultural interest, and can be successfully grown in containers. We are constantly searching for new and exciting plants, particularly tropicals--from Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and South America.

Trees and Shrubs are a stately centerpiece to any landscape and provide focal points around the yard. They are vital parts of many ecosystems and are very important to human well-being. Trees and Shrubs around your home can increase its value up to 15% or more. The trees and shrubs you plant remove carbon dioxide from the air, produce oxygen, and give songbirds a home.

Name Clerodendrum bungei 'Cashmere Bouquet'
Common Names Rose Glory Bower, Cahsmere Bouqet, Mexican Hydrangea
Grow Zone 7
Light Conditions Partial Sun/Shade
Water Requirements Average, do not overwater
PH Level 6.1-6.5
Minimum Height 4 feet
Maximum Height 6 feet
Growth Habit Moderate
Bloom Period Mid Summer
Bloom Color Pink
Fragrant Yes
Fragrance Grape soda
Best Grown In Large containers, patios
Scientific Name Clerodendrum bungei
Class Magnoliopsida
Family Verbenaceae
Genus Clerodendrum
Species bengei
Salt Tolerance High
Grow Zone 7
Grow Zones
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by RL
on 3/10/2015
Clerodendrum bungei 'Cashmere Bouquet'
   Fragrant flower, leaves and stalks not so nice. I bought a home on one acre years ago with this plant (not contained) and I am still fighting the spread through the lawn and beds. It is a loosing the battle. Make sure it stays in the pots because, roots is how it spreads.
by Carolyn Albins
on 8/21/2013
Cashmere Bouquet
The flowers are gorgeous, but they reproduce faster than rabbits and have taken over my back yard. I started with three small plants and now have about three hundred! 
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