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Ficus carica 'LSU Purple'
Ficus carica 'LSU Purple'
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FEATURES: · Low Maintenance · Self-fertile · Heat Tolerant
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Out of Stock-Ships in 6" nursery pot 12-18 inches in height.
FEATURES: · Low Maintenance · Self-fertile · Heat Tolerant

'LSU Purple' was introduced by the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station in 1991. The figs are medium in size and weight. The skin on the fig is glossy, with a reddish to dark purple color. The flesh of the fruit is a light strawberry color when ripe. 'LSU Purple' has a nice pleasant mild flavor and high sugar content with ripe fruit. This fig tree can produce excellent quality fruit in containers the first year and the quality will continue to improve as the tree ages. Once 'LSU Purple' reach year five and older they produce three distinct crops: a light breba crop early spring, a heavy main crop in summer and a fall crop that can last into December. This fig tree is vigorous with an upright growing habit and has an above average resistance to leaf diseases. 'LSU Purple' does not have the best resistance to cold weather, so it is ideal for Zones 9 & warmer. In Zone 8 it can get injured by the cold, however it will rebound well and produce a crop on current year's growth.


Name Ficus carica 'LSU Purple'
Common Names Common Fig, Edible Fig, Higo
Grow Zone 7
Light Conditions Full Sun
Water Requirements Meduim - Low
PH Level 6.0 -6.5
Minimum Height 15 feet
Maximum Height 20 feet
Growth Habit Moderate
Bloom Period Early Spring
Bloom Color Coppery, Bronze, Dark Purple
Fragrant Yes
Best Grown In Outdoors, Large Planters
Scientific Name Ficus carica
Class Magnoliopsida
Family Moraceae
Genus Ficus
Species carica
Cultivar Magnolia
Salt Tolerance Moderate
Grow Zone 7
Grow Zones
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