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Musa sp. 'Seminole'
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Large Corm (bulb) from a 1 Year Plant growing in a 10" pot. Ships bare-rooted with no leaves.

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Large Corm (bulb) from a 1 Year Plant growing in a 10" pot. Ships bare-rooted with no leaves.

Musa sp. Seminole -At last, an edible relatively cold-tolerant banana. A banana like no other. Named after the Seminole Indians of Florida. Seminole is a new offering from Stokes Tropicals. A sturdy plant growing from 8-12 feet tall with a 10-12’’ diameter trunk base. Produces a huge flower spike up to 7’ long. Has 6-12 hands of giant bananas. Individual bananas average 7-10 inches, are 2-3 inches in diameter, 7-8 inches in circumference, and weigh  ½ -1 lb each. Golden yellow (sometimes pinkish) fruit tastes great and can be cooked like a plantain. Flowers and fruits all year. Plants have been tested in Florida and Louisiana. Further test growing presently ongoing in Puerto Rico. Excellent for making maduros (which is sweet cooked plantain). Was originally $250.00.

Only 144 are being offered at the present time. We feel the new banana could have significant potential in the U.S. domestic commercial market (southern California, southern Texas, southern Florida).You can be the first in your area to have this great tasting, big fruited, cold tolerant banana and nematode resistant.

Bananas are a versatile plant in any landscape. Bananas can add a lush, tropical look to any area. Although everyone knows the fruit, few people have experienced growing bananas. Bananas are suitable for all climates given the appropriate care. They have large, exotic tropical leaves and can grow from a few feet tall to nearly 40 feet (12m), depending on the variety. The fruits are delicious, ripe from the plant, or can be shipped great distances; some varieties must be cooked before eaten. Other varieties are strictly ornamental. Banana plants are fast growing, generally putting out one new leaf once a week. Banana plants can either form clumps by suckering or they can remain solitary, like the popular Ensete maurelii. Banana leaves, pseudostem (trunk) and fruiting stem (raceme) grow from the underground rhizome (or pseudo bulb's) top surface and the roots grow from the lower surface of the rhizome. The fleshy stems sheathed with huge broad leaves can grow from 2 to 40 feet in as little as 1 year, depending on variety and growing environment. Each pseudostem produces one flower stalk, which develops fruit, then dies. In addition each parent banana plant during its life cycle, will produce as many as 10 suckers which grow into new plants. New pseudostems then grow from the rhizome. Bananas grow best in a uniformly warm environment and need 9 to 15 months of frost-free conditions to produce a flower stalk. In the subtropics, fruit ripens in 2-3 months. In cooler climates it may take several weeks longer to ripen. Plant growth stops when temperatures drop to 57 degrees F. Stokes Tropicals Banana Blend (6-2-12) is the best fertilizer source for these fascinating tropical giants.


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by Richard Frost
on 4/4/2015
misnamed by Stokes
The use of "sp." in the name is incorrect -- all edible bananas are hybrid crosses of Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. Also the name 'Seminole' is suspicious, perhaps derived from their wholesale supplier. The pictures and description match the well-known cultivar 'Orinoco'.
by Roger Wood
on 6/22/2014
Seminole Banana
I ordered one in early spring. Arrived in good condition. At first I almost lost it, maybe pot too wet as leaves died back & central growing tip was rotten. But when I stripped the dead leaves back I discovered the growing tip was only rotten on the very tip. I cut this off & let the pot dry until the plant started responding, slowly at first, but then more rapid growth. Because it is too hot (mainly the burning rays of the sun  on new plants) for the summer right now in Phoenix I am keeping it under nursery cloth with plenty of light in a 5 gallon planter & it looks great. 
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