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Solandra grandiflora 'Chalice Vine'
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Out of Stock-Ships in 10 inch nursery pot. 30 inches in height. Includes trellis.

Solandra grandiflora  'Chalice Vine' - are native to Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. Its common names are 'Golden Chalice Vine' and 'Cup of Gold'. The vine is woody and rope-like. The leaves are elliptical shaped, leathery and dark-green in color. The flowers are what give the plant its common name. They are shaped like a chalice or cup. The flowers start out a light yellow and then change to a shade of gold as they mature. The vines like well-drained fertile soil and full sunlight.

Name Solandra grandiflora 'Chalice Vine'
Common Names Chalice Vine, Cup of Gold, Goldcup Vine
Grow Zone 10-11
Light Conditions Partial Sun/Shade
Water Requirements Moderate
PH Level 5.5 - 6.5
Maximum Height 200 feet +
Growth Habit Moderate
Bloom Period Year Round
Bloom Color Golden Yellow
Fragrant Yes
Fragrance Sweet
Best Grown In Trellises, Seaside Gardens
Class Liliopsida
Family Solanaceae
Genus Grandiflora
Species Solandra
Cultivar Chalice vine
Salt Tolerance Moderate
Grow Zone 10-11
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