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Tacca chantrieri 'Black Bat Plant'
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Ships in 6" pot 18-20 inches in height.

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Ships in 6" pot 18-20 inches in height.

Tacca chantrieri 'Black Bat Plant'- A most unusual plant introduced from parts of Malaysia, India, and East Asia, the Bat Plant will make you look twice. The main attraction of the plant is the strange, unique, purple-black flowers. The flowers superficially resemble a bat in flight with long whiskers, and can grow up to 10 inches long. Taccas can be picky about their environmental conditions; however they grow fast and flower a lot when the conditions are just right. The Bat Plant should be planted in partial shade and in a humid and warm environment. Soil should remain consistently moist, not allowing the plant to dry out between waterings. In winter months, when temperatures drop to 40F or lower, the Bat Plant should be moved indoors, or into a greenhouse to protect it from cold damage. Makes a great container plant and is a real conversation piece.

Name Tacca chantrieri 'Black Bat Plant'
Common Names Bat Flower, Cat's Whiskers, Devil Flower
Grow Zone 11
Light Conditions Full Shade
Water Requirements Moist soil
PH Level 6.1-6.5
Minimum Height 2 feet
Maximum Height 3 feet
Growth Habit Fast
Bloom Period Late Summer
Bloom Color Black, Dark Red, Chocolate
Fragrant No
Best Grown In Houseplant, Groundcover
Scientific Name Tacca chantrieri
Class Liliopsida
Family Taccaceae
Genus Tacca
Species chantrieri
Salt Tolerance Moderate
Grow Zone 11
Grow Zones
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by Tony
on 10/22/2013
Black Bat
So appropriate for Halloween! But I don't think I
will leave it by the front door for the Trick and Treaters!
It's much too precious for that. It came with one 
magnificent bloom and two buds, but the height of that
one bloom is amazing, at least 5 feet! I'm worried about 
the watering schedule as I intend to keep it as a pot plant
on the patio. Does anyone have any advice on this? I truly
have never seen such a magnificent bloom.
by Marsha
on 6/8/2013
Just rec'd my Black Tacca
I love this plant...been trying to grow one for a while now.  It arrived 3 days ago, so perky, leaves were huge, no browning, standing so beautifully, and with one bloom. I love it! However, by the second day the leaves are drooping, not the flower though. 

Is it something I did? I have it sitting on the patio which is shaded at all times but it does get good light. Help me keep this beauty beautiful and it not die on me. 
by Michelle Trewick
on 4/13/2013
Black Bat Plant - Amazing
I have a Black Bat Plant which is in partly shaded area of the outdoor patio, it has just produced 18 flowers at one time.  Totally stunning.
by Elijah
on 8/18/2012
Wonderful Plant
I bought this plant a few months ago and it is wonderful. I have only seen it bloom one time when I first got it. I have been taking special care of it, and it now has four bloom pods coming up. It has really enjoyed the humidity of the mountains this year, I keep it out all summer. On occasion it gets into the the fifties here at night,the plant does not seem to mind it. It has been a wonder to watch grow. I hope others get to enjoy it as much as I have.
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