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Tillandsia usneoides 'Spanish Moss'
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Tillandsia usneoides 'Spanish Moss'- Grow a little piece of the South, with this signature plant from the South. Grows on nearly every Live Oak and many other trees. Spanish Moss is not a true moss, it is an epiphyte. Epiphytes are organisms that grow on or attach to another living plant. They are also known as air plants because they do not root in soil and absorb nutrients and water from the air. It prefers moist humid conditions.

Bromeliads have a tremendous will to survive and can offer infinite variety, challenge, and exciting plant forms and color combinations. The most common genera in cultivation are: Aechmea, Billbergia, Cryptanthus, Dyckia, Guzmania, Neoregelia, Nidularium, Tillandsia and Vriesea. All make good house plants if given a reasonable amount of care. The roots of most potted bromeliads like to be moist, but never soggy. Bright, diffused light is needed by most bromeliads. No bromeliad likes a dark environment. Bromeliads will be comfortable when you are. Generally, they prosper at temperatures between 50 degrees F and 90 degrees F. They are not winter hardy except in subtropical and tropical regions. In nature many bromeliads grow on trees as epiphytes or air plants. Their roots are used mainly for support; they are not parasites. Some bromeliads grow on rocks and cliff faces. They are remarkably versatile and form one of the most adaptable plant families in the world. Try Stokes Tropicals' Bromeliad Blend Fertilizer (10-14-14 with minors) for best results.

Name Tillandsia usneoides 'Spanish Moss'
Common Names Air Plant, Spanish Moss
Grow Zone 7
Light Conditions Full Sun,Full Shade,Partial Sun/Shade
Water Requirements Average
PH Level 5.5 - 7.5
Minimum Height 8 feet
Maximum Height 10 feet
Growth Habit Moderate
Bloom Period Year Round
Bloom Color Inconspicuous
Fragrant No
Best Grown In Arts & Crafts, Flower gardens
Scientific Name Tillandsia usneoides
Class Liliopsida
Family Bromeliaceae
Genus Tillandsia
Species unsneoides
Cultivar Spanish Moss
Salt Tolerance Moderate
Grow Zone 7
Grow Zones
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