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Zamia furfuracea 'Cardboard Palm'
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Ships in 10" nursery pot.

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Ships in 10" nursery pot.

Zamia furfuracea 'Cardboard Palm' - This is another of our living fossil plants. Cardboard Palms have leaves 3 to 4 feet long that emerge from a central point forming a rosette. When grown in bright sunlight the rosette becomes a 3 foot high clump of tightly overlapping leaves that will slowly grow to 6 feet in diameter. The thick leathery leaves are pinnate and have 5 inch long by 1 inch wide oval leaflets. They are slightly fuzzy and feel a little like cardboard when rubbed. Cardboard Palm is native to the warm sandy coastal plains of Mexico. It is also a popular and easy to grow houseplant. Bright sun to partial shade.

Cycads are as old or older than the dinosaurs...nearly 300 million years old. Thriving in the Jurassic Period, cycads dominated the landscape during the time of the dinosaurs. Excellent drainage is the most important requirement for the growth of cycads. Water must never sit around cycad roots. Cycads are gymnosperms along with pines and ginkgoes. Cycad growth is generally slow but some cycads are quick growing and can live to be hundreds of years old. Although sometimes confused with palms, cycads are much more primitive and are evolutionarily very different.

Name Zamia furfuracea 'Cardboard Palm'
Common Names Cardboard Palm
Grow Zone 9
Light Conditions Full Shade,Partial Sun/Shade
Water Requirements Average
PH Level 6.6-8.5
Minimum Height 3 feet
Maximum Height 4 feet
Growth Habit Slow
Bloom Color Inconspicuous
Fragrant No
Best Grown In Indoors/Outdoors, Patio
Scientific Name Zamia furfuracea
Class Cycadopsida
Family Zamiaceae
Genus Zamia
Species furfuracea
Salt Tolerance High
Grow Zone 9
Grow Zones
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by Edwin Almodovar
on 4/29/2013
Dangerous yet beautiful plant.
This suplier has neglected to mention that all parts of this plant are poisonous to animals and humans. The toxicity causes liver and kidney failure, as well as eventual paralysis. Dehydration sets in very quickly. No treatment for the poisoning is currently known.

In addition, this plant is been classified as threatened and endangered. 
by KIM
on 8/16/2011
I bought one of these from a local nursery.  When I went back for more, they said they couldn't get more.  I found Stokes online and couldn't be happier with their service.  The palms I ordered arrived quickly and packaged very safely.  They are growing beautifully.  The carboard palm is a beautiful plant and grows more quickly than I expected.  It is unusual and if you want a plant not everyone has, this is it.  They do spread out quite a bit, so give it room
Stokes ships healthy plant quickly and with good instructions.
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